Meta virtues and habits


I can restate yesterday’s statement that attitude is everything can in another fashion. A positive attitude is a meta-virtue, a virtue that enables all other virtues. It’s also a meta-habit. Obtaining and maintaining a positive attitude is something that requires conscious daily effort. Once this habit established, other habits can follow.

It’s an example of the thought cycle. The thoughts we hold drive our beliefs. Our beliefs drive our emotions. Our emotions drive our actions. The result of our actions influences our thoughts.

There’s not a lot of meta virtues and habits. The other meta-habit is daily meditation. This builds patience, temperance, reduces stress, builds creativity, etc.

The other virtue is self-restraint. Notice that like maintaining a positive attitude, self-restraint involves a physical component. Every day, there are opportunities to practice self-restraint or give into excess.

Even further up the chain is our decision-making ability. Self-restraint is a choice, positivity is a choice. Many people automatically make decisions. Even more, let others make decisions for them. Few people take ownership and make mindful decisions. Not every decision needs to have an internal debate. There’s simply not enough time. A better practice is to note when you make a decision and the outcome of that decisions. Did it meet your expectations? What do you think you could have done differently?

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