The power of decisions


The cornerstone of our lives are the habits we choose to develop, and the virtues we choose to embrace. In both cases, these are choices. The choices we make on a daily basis impact the quality and the quantity of our life.

How many choices do you make a day? How many choices are you aware of? How many times do others make a decision for you? These questions are worth answering, for the simple reason that it’s often the case we arrive at a life-changing choice but are ill-equipped to handle it. Too often, we let our emotions make the decision for us. In some cases, the consequences are dire. We’re at a party, we get “caught up” in the moment and drink too much. On the way home, we get into an accident and end the lives of 3 people.

In some cases, the consequences are not so dire. Making a decision to spend $2 on a cup of coffee is unlikely to have much impact beyond less money and some decent coffee. The key is to know which choices have long ranging consequences and which are trivial. In both cases, the trivial and the consequential, the realization a choice is about to be made is important.

We can’t mull over every decision we make, there’s not enough time. We do need to be aware of the choices we make, regardless of the size, and decide which ones need planning. We also need to know when the emotions caused by a circumstance (like the party) are effect our decision making and adjust. Only a few people have the resources need to make it through life without conscious decision making. The rest of us need to understand and own our decisions.

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